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CoP Dr Chandragupta issues new guidelines for purchase of essentials in Mysuru

Mysuru, April 17:- “We have taken several effective measures to control Covid-19 in Mysuru. Lockdown will continue in Mysuru till May 3. The city has been declared as a coronavirus hotspot,” said the Commissioner of Police Dr Chandragupta at a press meet held at the police commissioner’s office here on Thursday.

“We have implemented three sets of orders. Essentials can be purchased from 6 am to 12 noon. Only one person can go in a two-wheeler and two persons in a four-wheeler. If anyone violates the rules, they will be facing legal action. No one is supposed to travel more than 2 kilometres from their homes. They have to purchase essentials from neighbouring shops,” he said.

“Shops are permitted to stay open from 12 pm to 6 pm. But vehicles are not allowed to ply. People have to go by walk to get the essentials. Vehicles are not allowed to travel at this time,” he said.

“From 6 pm to 6 am, no one is supposed to come out of their homes unless it is medical emergency. Except for milk, medicine and hospital, nothing else is permitted after 6 pm. Those who come out of homes should compulsorily carry ID card. Private persons involved in emergency services should carry a pass. Passes issued by the office of the Commissioner of Police, MCC and Deputy Commissioner’s office will only be valued,” he added.

“Those who go to medical services should carry doctors’  prescriptions. This doesn’t apply for goods carriers, private vehicles having pass, HOPCOMS, ration and grocery transportation, on-duty government vehicles. This order is effective from Thursday (April 16),” he said.

“15 places in the city are under observation. I have instructed police how to work after March 16. I have instructed them not to touch any person or objects. None of our officials got infected. Our staff should not collect food from others. Inspector level security is provided at Covid-19 Government Hospital. They are not going inside the hospital, but stay outside,” he added.



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