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Coronacare: Mysuru-origin doctor honoured in US

Mysuru, April 22:- Coronavirus pandemic is creating chaos all over the world. The United States is bearing the brunt with the virus taking a heavy toll.

Doctors are working tirelessly to treat and save coronavirus patients. There are many Indian doctors who are serving in the US. America has identified and thanked the service of one Indian doctor.

Dr Uma Rani Madhusudana who serves at South Windsor Hospital has been given drive-by salute for her untiring service. When Uma was standing outside her house, vehicles drove across, saying ‘thanks.’ The video has now gone viral on social media platforms. A message saying Dr Uma has been recognised as one of South Windsor’s unsung heroes.

Dr Uma completed her medical graduation in 1997 from JSS Medical College in Mysuru and has been residing in the United States.

Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar tweeted appreciating the service of Dr Uma.



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