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Fresh Police guidelines for Mysureans from May 4 to 17

Mysore/Mysuru: After following stringent guidelines so far during the nationwide lockdown, here is more and fresh Police guidelines to be followed from May 4 (tomorrow) till May 17 in Mysuru city.

As per the directives of Union and State Governments, the Mysuru City Police Commissioner Dr. Chandragupta has issued fresh orders and considering many violations in the past, rules have been tightened.

Permission was granted to public to purchase and transport essential commodities. But many people, in the guise of purchasing essential commodities, were found moving around unnecessarily by misusing the permission. The new rules will come into force from May 4 and will be implemented till May 17 within the Mysuru city limits. Violators will face tough action.


  • People can come out of their houses to purchase essential commodities and avail essential services. They can come out for works that are exempted in the Government order.
  • In a two-wheeler, only the rider is permitted and no pillion. In a four-wheeler, a driver with two passengers is permitted.
  • People should purchase essential commodities at shops close to their residences. Travelling beyond their localities is not permitted.
  • Those going to offices and industries that are permitted to operate by the Government should compulsorily carry Identity Cards issued by their Department or by the company.


  • Apart from those going to offices and industries, people are barred from using their vehicles.
  • People should make use of services available nearby as much as possible.
  • No one is allowed to step out of their houses for non-essential services apart from going to milk booths, medical stores and hospitals.


  • No one is allowed to come out of their houses except for medical reasons.
  • Businesses that are not essential cannot be conducted but for milk booths, medical stores and hospitals.


  • All individuals should compulsorily wear face masks while coming out.
  • They should maintain social distancing.
  • They should compulsorily carry their identity cards.
  • Those involved in essential services should have obtained a pass which is mandatory.
  • Only passes issued by City Police Commissioner’s Office, Mysuru City Corporation (MCC), Deputy Commissioner’s Office and Government Departments are valid.
  • Those who have obtained passes from the above offices till May 3 can use the same till May 17.
  • Public coming out of their houses for medical services should carry the doctor’s prescription.


The above order is not applicable for emergency medical services, goods transportation vehicles, private vehicles with pass providing essential services, Government vehicles/ vehicles of Government employees on duty, HOPCOMS, ration, home delivery of food items, kitchen services and agricultural activities.

Source: Star of Mysore

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    Yes..great going mysure.

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