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Mysuru responds positively to PM’s call

Mysuru, April 6:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested public to turn off electric lights and light candles and diyas on Sunday at 9 pm. Residents of the heritage city responded positively to the PM’s call. The response was overwhelming.

Titular king of Mysuru Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar lit diyas along with wife and son Adyaveer. SeerShivaratri Deshikendra of Suttur mutt lit diyas at the branch mutt at the foothills of Chamundi Hills.

Seer Arjuna Avadhoota on Sonar street lit lamps for 9 minutes on Sunday night at 9 pm. MP Pratap Simha, MLA SA Ramadass and L Nagendra too lit lights along with their family members.

Hindus and Muslims at Chamundipuram lit lamps together at the residence of Apurva Suresh at Chamundipuram to show solidarity.

Diyas were lit at all streets and layouts of the heritage city Mysuru. People shouted slogans hailing Mother India. (MR/KS).

Source: City Today News


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